2017 Bubble Wrap Calendar – A Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday


I guarantee you, there’s nothing wrong with loving the feeling to pop air bubbles. I would guess almost the whole world is addicted to it.
Now you can do it every day with this great calendar.


The Bubble Calendar is a wall calendar you can’t stop popping!
Each day is covered in a bubble that you can pop throughout the day.

The Bubble Calendar has heavy bubbles for a bigger POP!
People love this calendar for the satisfaction they get every time they pop a bubble. Children love to pop the bubbles. The calendar can be a reward and teach self control. Teachers have used it to reward good listeners.

Easy to read
The Bubble Calendar is typeset in Helvetica Neue for easy reading and a clean, modern look.

Designed and made in Brooklyn, USA
The Bubble Calendar is a product of the USA -support a small businesses!

What’s in the Package?
One Bubble Calendar printed on thick 80 pound cover stock. A huge 48″ x 15.5″ (122cm x 39cm) poster calendar.

Can you just pop one?
(Don’t worry, there are bonus bubbles for tough days!)

Great novelty gift for the home or office!
Huge! 48″x15.5″ poster sized wall calendar
Heavy Bubbles for a bigger POP
A bubble to pop everyday!

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