USB Squirming Tentacle


This USB stick is a little bit different. It’s green, not sticky, cool locking AND useful. Conclusion: it’s a great gift!


Show your love for Cthulhu (or just octopuses or kraken) with the USB Squirming Tentacle. Simply plug it into your USB port and it will fill your computer with unspeakable evils. Just kidding, it doesn’t store any data. (Just evil.) The USB Squirming Tentacle will draw a small amount of power from your computer, enabling it to squirm and wiggle like an Elder God trying to escape your laptop.
Tentacle wiggles and squirms when plugged into a computer
Uses power from your USB port to wiggle and squirm
Note: The USB Squirming Tentacle does not store any data
A fun toy to use at the office!
Realistic tentacle that really moves!

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